Users chat exhibit

You can easily find people on chat exhibit and add them to your contact list.

To add a contact: 1. Click on the 'Add a friend' link in the 'Contacts' tab or select 'Add a friend' from the 'Contacts' menu. The 'Add a friend' window appears. 2. If you know the person, then type his/her display name, chat exhibit ID, or email address used when registering in the search field. You can include part of the chat exhibit ID or display name (such as the first 3 or more characters). 3. To narrow the search, click to select fields such as their location, language, gender and age group. You can type the city and state in the given fields. For the 'City' and 'State' fields, you need to enter the same characters the user entered (so if the user entered 'New York' as 'NY', then you will need to enter 'NY'). To search by interests, click the link and select as many options as desired and click 'Back' or . 4. Click . The list of chat exhibit users chat exhibit are displayed. If only the first 200 names are displayed, then it's recommended to narrow your search by including more information. If no chat exhibit users chat exhibit were found, try to make your search less specific by editing the characters entered in the search, city and state fields and by selecting fewer interests, etc. 5. Select a user. The 'Add' and 'View card' buttons are enabled at the bottom of the window. Click Add. The user's details appear. Click Add. The user appears in the 'Pending' area of your contact list with a next to his/her name and the user receives a popup notification to add you as a contact. Assuming that you are added to his/her contact list, you will be able to see when s/he is online ( appears next to online contacts). If the remains for a long period of time, you can right-click on the contact and select 'Resend an invitation to communicate' to send a new request. 6. You can add more contacts from the 'Search friends' window, or click Close to close the window.