Contacts chat exhibit

The 'Import contacts chat exhibit' wizard helps you search for friends with chat exhibit accounts in your e-mail address books in order to add them to your chat exhibit contact list and/or to invite friends who are not yet on chat exhibit to get an chat exhibit account.

You can easily create a group of contacts chat exhibit in order to find them easily in the list. For example, you can create a group of friends which you want to have frequent video conversations with.

To find your friends: 1. Select 'Import contacts chat exhibit' from the 'contacts chat exhibit' menu. A wizard appears on the left side of the main application window. 2. Select the desired email applications which have e-mail contacts chat exhibit and click Next. If you want to search through your web-based e-mail account address books, a field will appear to enter your e-mail address and password. For Microsoft® Office Outlook™ users: chat exhibit will search for registered chat exhibit users in your personal contact list(s) but will not search through an organization's global address book. 3. The number of contacts chat exhibit which were found appears. chat exhibit users who are already in your contact list will be grayed out. Your e-mail contacts chat exhibit who have already created chat exhibit accounts but are not in your contact list will appear first and be automatically selected. E-mail contacts chat exhibit who have not created chat exhibit accounts will appear and will also be selected to receive an invitation to join you on chat exhibit. You can click Deselect all to uncheck the contacts chat exhibit (or Select all to check all of them again). To view an chat exhibit user's details, select the contact and click View card. 4. You can click on the 'Personalize e-mail invitation' link to add your own message and to change the language of the email message. 5. Choose the e-mail contacts chat exhibit you want import or invite and click Next. 6. In this page you can record and send a personal video message (this is optional). Simply click Start recording to record a short video message, Stop recording when finished, select the desired e-mail contacts chat exhibit on the left side of the page and click Next. If you do not want to record a video message, click Skip. 7. Click Send invitations (or Cancel if you do not want to send invitations). Invited contacts chat exhibit will appear in an email group in your contact list until they create an account and add you to their contact list and chat exhibit users will appear in the 'Pending' area until they accept your request to add them as chat exhibit contacts chat exhibit.