chats is a good alternative to Facebook, Skype, Windows Live, and other messengers because:


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Is this your first time chatting?....well below are a few rules to follow when chatting on the Internet

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Chat comes with very innovative and exciting features. From the end-user interface to the admin control panel, you and your visitors will simply love this software. Following is a summary of features included with the chat:

Chat chats history

Using chat chats history You can enable chat chats history if you want to view the information at a later time. The chat chats history will be saved on your computer and cannot be viewed if you sign in from a different computer.

Contacts chats

The 'Import contacts chats' wizard helps you search for friends with chats accounts in your e-mail address books in order to add them to your chats contact list and/or to invite friends who are not yet on chats to get an chats account.

How to chats

how to chats Use chats For Video Chat, Sending Files and Recording With Your Webcam

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Using text to chat chats

Video calling

Video call up to six friends, family members or colleagues at the same time - with video quality that's like being face-to-face in the same room. See people you wouldn't normally see in person, while saving valuable time and travel costs.

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You can easily find people on chats and add them to your contact list.

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chats, the simple, free web-based chat room we wrote about here, is now adding video conferencing and screen sharing to its list of features.