Chat features

Chat comes with very innovative and exciting features. From the end-user interface to the admin control panel, you and your visitors will simply love this software. Following is a summary of features included with the chat:

Key Features Tabbed Interface Tabbed Interface Talk in multiple rooms and with multiple people simultaneously with light and easy-to-switch tabs. Multiple Chat Room Unlimited Chat Rooms Talk in multiple rooms at the same time. Rooms may also be password protected for confidential chats. Chat Transcripts Jump Back In Time Read past chat transcripts anytime you want. Gixaw Chat keeps a history. File Sharing File Sharing Easily share images, documents, music, movies and other files with everyone. Image previews show up right in the chat. Customize Look Feel Customize Look & Feel Customize colors, fonts, buttons, icons, sounds, emoticons or anything you wish to through the powerful theme engine. Seamless Integration Seamless Integration Integrate your chat with third-party applications. Your members won't have to login again. Multiple Languages Multiple Languages Multiple languages are supported so every one can chat on your website. Languages can be changed from the control panel. Re-brand Chat Re-Brand Your Chat Copyright removal allows you to remove all mention of Gixaw Chat. Chat Features Private Chat Private Chat Allow your users to send and receive person-to-person private messages. Group Chat Group Chat A step beyond private chat, your users can also have group chats just like instant messengers. User Profile User Profile Users can be allowed to manage profiles and a display picture. Sound Notification Sound Notifications Plays different sound notifications for events such as user join, new message and more. Smileys Smileys Add unlimited unique smileys for every room. Rich Text Rich Text Allow font styling and colors to make your chat lively. Administrative Features Control Panel Web-Based Control Panel It’s your chat, you’re in control. A web-based control panel makes administration easier than ever before. Restrict Access Restrict Access Access can be restricted by password protecting your rooms or changing permissions for certain user groups. Spam Protection Kick Users Kick users who spam by a one-click user menu. Shield Ban Users Ban usernames, IP addresses or entire subnets by a single click in the user menu. Flood Protection Flood Protection Protect the rooms from text flooding. Word Filter Word Filter Keep things clean with a swear word filter. Integration Features Member Authentication Member Authentication Integration allows you to authenticate your members automatically so they do not have to login again. Group Mapping Group Mapping Maps the user groups (such as admins, mods, members, etc) of your existing application to the user groups of the chat. Profile Integration Profile Integration The user profiles (if any) of your existing members are also integrated with the chat.