Chat chat exhibit session

Using text to chat chat exhibit

To participate in a chat chat exhibit session: 1. After starting or joining the chat chat exhibit session, type your message in the field. The 'Send' button is enabled. To change the appearance of the text (in your window only), click . A standard font selection window appears. You can change the font, font style, and font size. You can easily add emoticons to your chat chat exhibit messages for fun. Click and select the desired emoticon you want to insert into your chat chat exhibit message. If text chat chat exhibit participants are using an older version of chat chat exhibit exhibit (before ver. 2.2.4), then they will see the keyboard shortcut for the emoticon and not the image. If you do not want to display the emoticon in your chat chat exhibit window, you can deselect the 'Show emoticons' option in the 'General' settings tab. Text alignment icons are used to change the direction for languages like Arabic and Hebrew. You can press Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter to start a new line. 2. Click Send (or press Enter on the keyboard). Your name and time stamp will be highlighted in gray followed by your message in the upper-left pane. chat chat exhibit messages written by other participants will be highlighted in orange. A notification will also appear when someone starts to type a message. You can click (the Actions drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the contact's picture) for the list of available options. You can change the size of the 'chat chat exhibit' window by dragging its borders. The bottom part of the 'chat chat exhibit' window has a fixed height. 3. To add contacts to the chat chat exhibit session, click Invite. An chat chat exhibit exhibit chat chat exhibit session can have up to 6 participants. 4. When finished, close the chat chat exhibit session. * To close the 'chat chat exhibit' window in a 1-on-1 chat chat exhibit session: Click . The other contact will not receive a notification. If your contact sends you a message, a new 'chat chat exhibit' window will appear without the previous history. If you sign-out, the contact will receive a notification that you have left the chat chat exhibit session. * To leave a multi-chat chat exhibit session: Click . You will no longer receive chat chat exhibit messages. In order to return to a multi-chat chat exhibit session, you will need to be added to the session by one of the participants. When someone leaves the chat chat exhibit session, all of the chat chat exhibit participants will receive a notification that this contact has left the chat chat exhibit session.

You can send a chat chat exhibit message to a contact who is offline. The message will be received the next time your contact signs in. To start a chat chat exhibit session: 1. Right-click on a contact(s) and select 'Start text chat chat exhibit'. Select a contact(s) and click (or for a single contact, click on the smaller chat chat exhibit icon which appears next to the contact's name in icon and thumbnail views). The 'chat chat exhibit' window appears and the selected contact(s) appear in the upper-right area. 2. Once you send the chat chat exhibit message, the 'chat chat exhibit' window will be opened on the selected contact(s) screen. Wait for a response and text chat chat exhibit with your contact(s). To invite more contacts, click Invite. A sliding window appears on the right side of the 'chat chat exhibit' window with your list of contacts. Select the desired contact(s) and click Invite. To select more than one contact, press the Ctrl keyboard key while selecting the contacts and then click Invite. You can drag a contact from the sliding window into the 'chat chat exhibit' window. You can position the main application window next to the 'chat chat exhibit' window and drag a contact into the 'chat chat exhibit' window. 3. To leave the chat chat exhibit session, simply click