Chat chat exhibit history

Using chat chat exhibit history You can enable chat chat exhibit history if you want to view the information at a later time. The chat chat exhibit history will be saved on your computer and cannot be viewed if you sign in from a different computer.

To view chat chat exhibit history: 1. In order to view chat chat exhibit history, the 'Save chat chat exhibit history' checkbox must be selected in the 'General' settings window. After text chat chat exhibitting, click . The 'Text chat chat exhibit history' window appears. You can delete all chat chat exhibit history records from the 'General' setting window. 2. Select your name or another contact you chat chat exhibitted with from the 'Contact' field. The text chat chat exhibit history appears. To find the contact in the drop-down list quickly, type the first characters of the contact's name in the select contact field and this will cause contacts with similar names to appear. 3. From the 'View' field, select the amount of days of history you want to display. You can type unique words in the 'Find' field and search for the text. If this text was used more than once, click Next to advance to the next row. 4. You can save the text chat chat exhibit history for this contact to a text file by clicking Save as. The file extension will be .txt, so make sure you select this file type in the file window in order to find the file. 5. To delete chat chat exhibit rows for a contact, select a record and click Remove. The chat chat exhibit row is cleared. To select more than one row, press the Ctrl or Shift keyboard key while selecting the rows. 6. To remove all chat chat exhibit history for a selected contact, click clear history. 7. Click Close.