chats is a good alternative to Facebook, Skype, Windows Live, and other messengers because:

chats allows you to easily see, hear, and chat with people all over the world through a web page. Webcam users can broadcast streaming audio and video. No camera is required to see and hear people. Invite your friends and family to join you in a private room, or just hang out in the public video lobby and meet new people.

NEW FEATURES We have just launched a new version with some new features. Here is what's new: Timestamps! Some people will appreciate the fact that we have finally implemented (optional) timestamps on all messages. New rooms will have timestamps by default while old virtual rooms need to have them enabled under Room Properties. Timestamps are not enabled in Quick Chats - if you need them, please create a Virtual Room instead. There is also a per-user setting to disable timestamps if you don't like them, and to choose between 12-hour (AM/PM) vs 24-hour time format - click on your email to set your personal preference. In case you wonder, the time zone (and the time in the timestamp for that matter) is shown according to the settings on your computer. Open/close command We have implemented a simple /open and /close command pair which allows the admin of a room to temporarily close that chat, typically if he/she goes away for a while, or until another scheduled chat. Anti-spam fixes We have corrected a glitch in the "Preview Message" function which meant that previews were counted as posting, thereby potentially triggering our anti-spam feature. We have also raised the anti-spam filter's tolerance for non-registered posting from the same IP address in Premium Rooms, to facilitate usage of chats in e.g. computer labs or company networks with just one IP. Pricing For the first time in several years, we have adjusted the prices of Premium Rooms. We have raised the minimum price to $12 to reflect the time we spend on dealing with these small purchases. On the other hand, we have also raised the usage levels for both the small and the medium Premium Room purchase meaning you actually get more kilobytes per dollar. Minor fixes/improvements Sound alerts should now be working in all browsers (we have tested on Firefox 3 & 4, Chrome 5, Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Opera 10 on Windows - please let us know if it doesn't work on Mac). We have simplified the Room Properties page a bit - exactly the same functions are available as before, but now via checkboxes instead of a (hard-to-understand) drop-down field. We have tested the new Firefox 4.0 in a beta 3 version. Contrary to what a user had previously indicated, we did not find any issues. As always, if you encounter any bugs, please let us know and we will look into it ASAP.